Mercer's Must Have List

I have rounded up our top 8 LOVES by both Mercer & I! I am a minimalist and the less stuff I can have around the house the better for my soul! Any others out there feel the same? I feel like half the "must haves" out there are not really necessary! Besides a few little things, these 8 items have been the BEST & only things we have needed thus far! 


1. Owlet: I highly recommend this little gadget! It will track your baby's heart & oxygen levels as well as their sleep patterns! With the help of the Ollie Swaddle (details below) this has helped us get full nights rest and on a sleep schedule! I recommend adding it to your Target registry and using the 15% coupon you receive! 

2. Ollie Swaddle: So at first Mercer didn't know what to think of this baby straight jacket but now she LOVES it! They come in couple colors and super soft! The videos on their Instagram show how to use + they are adorable to watch! We use this only at night and Mercer now knows it is time to sleep for long periods of time when swaddled in it! 

3. Puj Tub: You might hear that sink baths are the easiest when babies are little! I 100% agree & the Puj tub definitely is the best option in my opinion! For us, we do not have room for a bulky baby tub, the Puj hangs flat and has magnetic pieces to allow it to fold together! It works really well and Mercer fits perfectly in it! 

4. Snuggle Me Organic: This baby lounger is by far my FAVORITE item we received! It gives Mercer the feeling of being held while laying in it! I do not recommend for night sleeping, based on safe sleep, but for hanging out, it is perfect! They just release lots of fun colors as well! 

5. Uppababy Vista: I shopped all around for strollers and let me tell ya, the UPPAbaby Vista is AMAZING! It has a pretty price tag attached but do keep in mind it easily converts into a double stroller & extremely durable! I am able to get it in and out of my car with ease + it comes with a sleep certified bassinet! We went with the new black leather option but not necessary, so can get it for less if you opt out on the leather! 

6. BabyBjorn Highchair: So we have not used this yet, clearly Mercer is still to little but I cannot wait to get it out of the box! I fell in love with this brand, and even more so with this highchair! It folds up like a folding chair so easy to store while still being sleek and modern! 

7. Project Nursery Monitor: So Mercer has been in our room so I just set this up the other night, oh my! It is so great! We went with the basic version and plenty for our needs! The camera mounts to the wall and has sound, temp and movement recognition. It comes with a screen monitor to control and watch your baby! 

8. My Brest Friend: I cannot express the importance of this pillow if you plan or struggling with nursing.  My lactation consultant recommend it and I did not realize how vital & life changing it would be! Nursing is a science and not natural at first, it is something that both you and the baby have to learn, so please don't get discouraged! Babies have to be laying perfectly lined - ears, shoulder & hips - to create a suck - swallow motion.  This pillow is going to allow you to get your baby right where he/she needs to be for successful latching! I PROMISE it is worth it!