Ever walked into the most eye catching boutique where you wish your CC was actually an unlimited gift card. Ya me too...  While you are daydreaming of that day, you begin to swoon over a fun black and white spotted pillow that will look amazing in your living room all to find out it is way out of your price point especially when you need more than one! I have listed my go to sites for pillow inspiration, however if you aren't in desperate need of pillows, head to your local HomeGoods once a week to spot similar styles.  Unless you can afford it and it seems practical try not to spend a tone on pillows, they get gross after a while especially if you have kids or pets.  Plus when you buy less expensive decor it is easier to part ways when you are ready for a new look in your house! 

First up Anthropolgie 

 I don't know about you but I can't throw my Anthro catalogs away.  I love how every detail is always perfect, however the price point isn't always budget friendly.  SOLUTION // A) buy your favorite can't live without pillow & add to it with less expensive pillows OR B) use their designs for inspiration and check out HomeGoods & Target.


I LOVE West Elm but don't let their low pillow prices full you, you have to invest in a case & the insert.  This is great if you already have the pillows and continue to add and change out but it can really begin to add up if not.  Their pillow designs are typically more mid-century or simple patterns. I highly encourage you to only spend money on one of a kind piece you can't find anywhere else.   SOLUTION // Head over to H&M Home and start shopping! 


So this company is famous all over the Instagram world, and for a very good reason! They have every style and color you can think of however when it comes to a couch full of these pretties you probably won't want anyone touching them! Don't get me wrong I love a perfectly curated house but don't spend a whole months pay check or more just to have the well known brands.  SOLUTION // Society 6... there is some odd designs but for the most part they have great options! 

More Inspiration