Staples // Closet Faves

Do you ever get asked "what's your style"? Typical answer... Gosh I don't know HELP! Honestly I think very view people actually have a set style... but what they can have is a staple item or more easily understood as closet faves! So I gathered a few of my go-to items that I know always have my back! Because let's be real we think half the stuff in our closets looks great 10% of the time and the other 90% of the time we think we have nothing in our closet! Let's pin point what you feel great in and create a look you love.  

For me its my Current/Elliott tees, Rag & Bone skinny jeans & Hermes belt.  It's simple and clean cut.  Occasionally I swap out my Adidas sneakers for heels or dainty necklace for something with a little more edge. But hold-up, don't let me lead you to think my closet is empty with only a couple of tees and skinny jeans. Gosh I would probably a millionaire or at least actually have a guest bed room (ours is my closet). My closet is pilled high with trends, lots of color, and all sorts of styles, but it's nice to know when it's a crazy morning I know exactly what to grab!