Clean Skin // Clean Eating

I often hear "wow your skin is beautiful" as flattering as that can be, I work extremely hard for it.  Taking care of your skin is the most important thing you can do for your body.  Skin is actually your largest organ and absorbs chemicals, treatment or medicine the fastest.  That being said, read your labels people, eliminate these three things                                                                         1. Mineral oil // petrolium (refined motor oil)                                                                                        2. Parabens (main cause for cancer // preservatives)                                                                           3. Gluten or Sulfates (grain or wheat // salt)                                                                                       and see for yourself what happens.  But let's take a step back... bad skin actually starts in your gut! WHAT, I know gross but think about it.  Clean eating produces healthy glowing skin.  Below I am talking about my go to products & why they stand above the rest!


Digestion Plus + Fizz Sticks // Pomegranate & Citrus 

  1. Digestion Plus is a pre and pro biotic aimed to kill the bad bacteria and feed the good bacteria in your gut.  This product is amazing and truly life changing.  I have seen chronic diseases go away and food allergies be reduced.  It isn't a miracle drug you guys, it's pure botanical ingredients to give you a better life. 
  2. Fizz Stick... my favorite product on this planet.  Full of B Vitamins, (Inflammation reducing vitamin) this burst of flavor kicks caffeine cravings and boosts your metabolism.  Say adios to your soda addictions and hello to healthy living! 



RE9... Clinically tested as the #1 Anti-Aging Skin Care line on the market. WOW and the best part is, it retails at $338 (however no one pays retail in Arbonne) and last on average 6 months.  Let's break it down, 

  1. Wash, soothing facial cleanser free from dyes, chemicals, alcohol and so much more
  2. Toner, MY FAVE // Closes the pours your wash just opened to eliminate dirt re-entering your skin.  This product stands out because it has no alcohol, check to see if yours does!
  3. Serum, bringing life back to your skin.  Your skin cells die all the time, the serum will give life to the skin cells and help keep them alive longer for a more glowing look.
  4. Eye Cream, for all those with drooping eye lids.  This is your product!!
  5. Day Cream, best feeling ever.  Your skin has to be moisturized and it does no good to use something with alcohol or chemicals.  

Seasource Detox FortifyingHair Mask 

Tired of dead ends, dry scalps and lifeless volume.  Give it a shot, the Arbonne Shampoo & Conditioner is in a category of it's own and by far the best I have ever used.  Free of sulphates and alcohol it's a win win.  A little bonus product is the Seasource Detox Fortifying Hair Mask.  This product is for your scalp and a big game changer.  It will help eliminate your dry scalp and strength your roots so your hair will grow longer with out causing dead ends.


RE9 Men's Shave Cream

Lady's this product isn't just for your significant other! This product is safe for face and body, eliminating chemicals, dyes, fragrances and alcohol.  Did you know what most shaving creams are full of alcohol and fragrances... what good does it do to have smooth legs if they will soon just be dried out by your shave cream.  Make the switch... I promise you this RE9 Shave Cream won't disappoint. 

Seasource Detox Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion

Say goodbye to flakey skin & dry legs when you use Seasource Re-Mineralizing Lotion! Just like your shaving cream a lot of lotions have alcohol and fragrances in them, allowing chemicals to sink into your skin.  Since your skin is the largest organ lotion is one thing to be very strict with.  Remember those three things from the beginning... it is a MUST to eliminate those from your lotions if anything.  

Arbonne Intelligence: Lip Treatment // Genius Resurfacing Pads // Nourishing Facial Oil 

This line is part of cutting edge technology, truly transforming your skin.  My go to right now is the Lip Treatment.  Ever drink out of a straw? Tired of your go to red lipstick bleeding past your lips?  This product will help keep your lips smooth and moisturized and softens the fine lines.  The Genius Resurfacing Pads are used to enhance your skins firmness and reduce sun spots.  The Nourishing Facial Oil is a dry oil formula that gives you that instant glow! It's like a superfood for your skin, full of omega fattyacids 3 and 6.