Closet Cleanse

Three Simple Steps to a Serious Closet Cleanse


Step 1: The Detox

Begin by organizing your items by seasons! For those pieces that are transitional favorites, keep them in one pile! So now you should have around 5 piles: spring, summer, fall, winter and transitional.  Go ahead an only focus on the current season you are in to determine the clothes you want to keep and the ones it is time to part with.  You can then repeat the steps with the other seasons or box them away and address them when that time is here! 

So the best way to begin the detox is having a style in mind you want to be known for.  Pinterest is a great spot to start! Create a board that has the look you desire and start going through your wardrobe.  Start with the current season, stick anything that you know you will not wear, fits odd, to small or to big, or just opposite of the look you are wanting to achieve to the side to be given away or to be sold online & the items you do want to keep go ahead and hang in your closet.  

Step 2: Get Organized

Once everything has been hung (that is hangable, I don't hang things prone to stretching), I like to organize by style & color.  So tank tops from light to dark, short sleeve light to dark, long sleeve light to dark then shorts, jeans and dresses.  This way things don't get lost or misplaced! I love the felt hangers, you can find them at Home Goods for a great price in all shorts of colors! I prefer all black to keep a clean look, however you could used the colored hangers to color coordinate each style! 

The small things are just as important! For the shoes, the basic shoe racks work from target! I find it easy to fit more on the rack if you turn one facing out and one facing inward towards the closet. This can help keep them organized and help you to remember what you have! If you can't see them then you won't wear them! If you aren't wearing them, throw them out! Accessories are great on top shelfs or a door rack.  The towel racks from target are my favorite for crossbody bags, hats and scarfs! 

Step 3: Shopping List

Now that you have a clear picture of whats in your closet and a better understanding of the style you are after, make a shopping list! This part is the most fun, but the goal is to purchase less and wear more! So start with the basics and then add a couple key pieces.  If you are like me, you will want a whole new wardrobe come next year, so purchasing less trendy items will save you in the long run! For those of you who are lost at this point or I lost you at step one, call me and we can do it together! However I recommend a few great key pieces, a great pair of shorts, the perfect pair of medium wash jeans and a pair of white jeans (can be a skinny or a boyfriend fit, whatever you feel best in), a great white t shirt, and some fun neutral shoes.  If you like a little extra, a great belt, scarf and fun jewelry can be added to keep your looks different.  This will be the start of your new clean closet, don't expect to fill it all up & enjoy the emptiness! Keep your list on you, and as you are out and about shopping, stick to it! 

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