Color Block // A Flatlay Guide

So in a Insta perfect world, it's highly important to capture eye catching images for social content.  There is something mesmerizing about perfectly orchestrated items all squeezed into a tiny Instagram feed.  I find as I scroll through, my feed is filled with more perfectly curated images then anything else, it's kinda like walking through an art gallery.  However I have discovered 99.9% of the world don't obsess over it eye catching images like I do... But for those of you who might have a little interest, I have listed out a few of my guidelines focusing mainly on the flatlay!


  • BASE  // Having a solid base can really change your image.  I typically interchange a marble board, all white, or a pop of color.  Below I decided to shoot with the same base for all 4 images, a pop of color, to show 4 different ways this can be accomplished.
  • TEXTURE // Second step is adding some dimension to give life to your photo.  My two go-to items are a flour towel & a sheep skin rug.  Blankets, wood, trays and cheese boards can also give a little depth to the photo.  
  • ELEMENT OF LIFE// this can sometimes be tricky in the fashion industry but still achievable.  Give your photo some idea of life: flowers, open lipstick, hand holding coffee, messy shoes... 
  • CONTENT // Your items should tell a story and draw people in.  Choose items that will lay right; dresses, silky and non structured items are best to avoid when being used for a flatlay.  Treat it like Tetris, be sure to shoot a few different ways (directly above the image), you might be surprised how images turn out different in a photograph then just staring from above! 

For this base, I grabbed a large white foam board & painted a large pink triangle for a little depth.  I chose a sheep skin rug for some images & let the clothes speak for their-self on the others.  Elements of life reflect the rolled sleeves, Iphone, the placement of the shoes.