Hi I'm Kenady! I am a color enthusiast, coffee table book lover & visual stylist! I am married to my sweet heart Zachary Charles & mama my baby girl Mercer Monroe & our sweetest Maltipoo Rosey! I am fascinated by off-the-chart styling & perfectly symmetrical decor! Nothing makes me more excited then seeing eclectic branding & one of a kind brick & mortars! I am a huge advocate for shopping local & supporting the community I call home! A few of my favorite things: anything & everything seafoam, strawberry ice-cream especially when topped with extra sprinkles, my movie trio (Devil Wears Prada, Sweet Home Alabama, & The Holiday), My Domaine blog & all the Domino Magazines! 

 I have several years of experience in the Fashion Industry, where I was a stylist & buyer for high-end clothing store.  My more recent work has been in social media marketing & photo styling.  I fully believe visually appealing branding can change a company, as well as exceptional customer services! Next time you go to post that picture, know that is how people will remember you! I am here to help you chase your dreams & empower your company to Become Eye Catching! 

Back to the Fashion Industry, I also have a heart for people being confident in what they wear! You don't have to spend lots of money to be a style icon! For a start, head over to my resources page & check out my go to shopping locations! However some of you don't have the time to shop or you simply just hate the idea, that is where I come in! I love to shop, especially when spending other peoples money! I mean who wouldn't! But by tailoring your look and understanding what you need & what works for you, your money can go much further.  Time to get rid of those clothes hanging with the tag still on them! Let's get you a fresh start to looking amazing!